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Upload your downloaded genome file

The raw genome data that can process must specify the rsid, chromosome, position and genotype for all SNPs listed in the uploaded file. Below is an example of what data the uploaded file should contain in order to generate a report and in what format it is expected (each SNP information should be listed on a separate line, column entries can be separated by space, tab, comma or colon):
# rsid chromosome position genotype
rs4477212 1 82154 AA
rs3094315 1 752566 AA
rs3131972 1 752721 GG
rs12124819 1 776546 AA
rs11240777 1 798959 GG

You can upload your data either archived (recommended - both zip and gzip formats are supported) or as a text file (both txt and csv formats are supported).

We currently support the raw genome data from the following providers (you should be able to use this service even if your raw genome data provider is not listed, if your data is in the supported format mentioned above):

  • 23andMe: upload the zipped text file downloaded from 23andMe. How to get your raw genome data: login and then go to 23andMe raw data download page and request your raw data.
  • Genes for Good: upload the text file named 'GFG_filtered_unphased_genotypes_23andMe.txt', available in your downloaded ZIP archive from Genes for Good (see Genes for Good for more information). Please make sure that you upload only the specified file and not the entire archive.
  • upload the zipped text file downloaded from (see FAQ for more information).
  • MyHeritage DNA: upload the CSV file downloaded from MyHeritage DNA (see MyHeritage DNA FAQ for more information).
  • Vitagene: upload the zipped text file downloaded from Vitagene (see Vitagene FAQ for more details about how to obtain the raw DNA file).
  • WeGene: upload the zipped text file downloaded from WeGene (see WeGene for how to obtain your raw DNA data).
  • Family Tree DNA: download the 'Build 37 Raw Data Concatenated' GZIP archive from Family Tree DNA and upload it here (see Family Tree DNA FAQ for more information).
  • 24Genetics: download the raw genetic data corresponding to the 24Genetics DNA Panel product (~700000 genetic markers; see 24Genetics Maps for more details)

Demo: if you don't have a genome file

This will use the genome of a 50+ male suffering from stage 2/3 hypertension and BPH (in real life).