Connect with 23andMe

To use our free app with your data, you need to be genotyped. Our app works with the data from 23andMe is not a sponsor of this application and only you can provide consent for our app to access this data.
Our app needs to access the names of the profiles available in your 23andMe account in order to properly handle accounts with multiple genotyped profiles. We do not store or use this data in any other way other than to allow you to select the profile for which you would like to generate the report.

Demo: if you don't have a genome file

This will use the genome of a 50+ male suffering from stage 2/3 hypertension and BPH (in real life).

We currently support the following file types:
  • the raw genome file from Genes for Good in 23andMe format. This is a text file, usually named 'GFG_filtered_unphased_genotypes_23andMe.txt', available in your downloaded ZIP archive from Genes for Good (see Genes for Good for more information).
  • the raw genome file from This is a text file, available to download as a ZIP archive from (see for more information).
  • the raw genome file from MyHeritage DNA. This is a CSV file downloaded from MyHeritage DNA (see MyHeritage DNA for more information).
  • the raw genome file from 23andMe. How to get your raw genome file from 23andMe: login and then go to 23andMe raw data explorer and click on the Download link in the top right of the raw data pages. The data is in the form of a zipped text file. You can then upload this file here.